The 12 Best Months of 2013

by Mike Walker

2013 was a watershed year for us all. There were trials and tribulations, triumphs and crushing defeats, life-changing events and life-staying-the-same trivialities. This is traditionally the time of year for us all to reflect and look back on what the past year has given us, good and bad. In that spirit, let us take a look back on all the great moments of 2013 we all collectively shared.

I thus present to you the 12 best months of 2013.

12. December

Wowee, what way to end the year! This was a month we won't soon be forgetting.

11. November

Remember, remember, the month of November. I know I will!

10. October

Of all the months in 2013 that started with the letter 'O', October was by far the greatest.

9. September

You wouldn't believe what craziness September brought!

8. August

I don't need to tell YOU why August was so great!

7. July

Would we ju-LIE to you about this month's sheer awesomeness?

6. June

June saw some stiff competition from July, but there's no questioning that June was slightly earlier in the year.

5. May

May was LITERALLY the greatest three-letter month in the history of 2013.

4. April

They say that April showers bring May flowers. This year, our April was showered with awesomeness!

3. March

If you weren't paying attention to March, there's no doubt that you missed out!

2. February

February was a short month, but it packed a huge punch!

1. January

Of course, how could we forget January? Classic 2013 right here!